Our Journey so far

Our Journey so far

Post Date: 12/04/2017

The last year has been a whirlwind! So much has happened and we have watched our biggest dream become a reality. It's right there staring us in the face. 

One day we wrote down a five year plan which included getting our own food truck and getting to work together and getting to travel while doing that. It all seemed so exciting and then a week later we saw an advert for a street food expo in London. We just knew we HAD to go, surely it was a sign? Off we went unsure about everything except for the fact that we knew we wanted to do this. We feel in love with loads of ideas while there, including different styles of trucks, different styles of food, the huge variety of packaging you could serve your food on, the idea of travelling around and meeting new people, the whole lifestyle. We were very very very excited now. We caught the bug. On day 2 we stumbled across a talk about wood-fired pizza. Part of us thought yes, part of us weren't too sure at all. After the talk we were 100% sure this was the right avenue for us, it just made so much sense. We love pizza, we loved the whole concept of the wood fired oven; we were completely sold.

The man giving the talk was the very enthuastic and likable Jay Emery. After the talk we approched him and arranged to go see him the following month at his workshop just outside of Birmingham.

Surprisingly we managed to keep it a secret from everyone what our plans were. It was seriously all we spoke about to each other about.

The next month flew by and we travelled down to see Jay, we spent a couple hours with talking about the oven and trying out the oven for ourselves. It just felt right and we knew there and then we would be buying an oven. Equipped with all the relevant information we went home to look into the costs and the pros and cons of it all. There was lots of late night chats and a couple (tiny)arguments. We kept coming back to the fact we loved it and we knew we would good at it and that we absolutely loved pizzas! So we went for it and got the ball rolling.

We waited a few months foe everything to built and ready for us, it was painful waiting so long we just wanted to get her home. We hit a couple of speed bumps along the way and were struggling to make final decisions, but we got there in the end. And were delighted with the results.

Now we had the oven, we could focus on the pizzas! We already had our dream menu and were buzzing about it. We just needed to see if what we were hoping to do would work. Lucky most things worked and we just had to make a couple tiny changes and the feed back we have been getting has been great! If you look at the menu section on our website you will see what kind of stuff we have been working on.

Now that we are up and running we can't wait to see you all and start feeding you all our pizzas! Make sure to say hi if you ever see us!!!