Enjoy Music, Aberdeen

Post Date: 07/06/2017

So we just did our first 'music festival', Granted it was only a day event we were still very excited and pretty nervous. We didn't know what to expect even though we attend festivals all the time, this time we were 'behind the scenes'. All we knew was we would be exposed to more people than ever before. We went prepared and all stocked up! Ready to serve all the primal scream and chase and status fans. Our pitch luckily looked right onto the main stage so we were very happy about that but as it turned out we didn't get to watch any of it as we were so busy (which is good!) 

Nerves really kicked in once we had fully set up and the gates opened and we saw the revellers coming in. To begin with thoughts were going through our minds like 'what if no one comes to us' 'what if no one wants to try our pizzas' but soon it became clear people were interested and people did want to try our pizzas. Soon the queues were building up and our team kicked into action. It was so much fun! Everyone was having fun, even the rain didn't damped the mood! 

Once we realised the night was coming to end we managed to stop for a breather and reflex on the day and everyone agreed it was a great success. We now feel more confident and ready to take on more challenges with our Oven and look forward to seeing you all out and about.